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Water Sport

Travel by water can be one of the most unique and memorable ways to experience a location. Take in the sights sounds and scenery on a relaxed, slow canoe ride to the base. Or, take a paddle on the wild side and experience the thrill of the rapids at some of the world’s best white water destinations. Whatever the case, water based travel offers a myriad of exhilarating and relaxing travel activities!

Whether you’re travelling by raft, canoe or kayak, you can feel comfortable you are leaving a minimal carbon footprint with a very small impact to the local ecosystems. Using your natural strength and elements of the wind and water to propel you, these green and responsible experiences can last anywhere from a day trip experience to add on to your itinerary, to fun-filled 2-3 week long adventures with other activities included. No previous experience is required, just a sense of fun and eagerness to explore some of nature’s most remote rivers and coastlines.

Our sea kayaking trips, giving you a chance to explore some of the great kayaking classics on a sublime liquid adventure. If you have never been in a raft before don’t worry, we can teach you the basics and ensure that your trip lives up to expectations.

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