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Out Bound

Outbound is a form of learning all applied sciences that is simulated in the open or closed with an effective form of play, which combines intelligence, physical, and mental so as to be able to give birth to new creations and individuals who are more positive. This activity is carried out for the purpose of increasing individual excellence and team work excellence which will ultimately generate new energy for a team, group or company that wants to increase the productivity of its human resources.

Our outbound training programs ranging from team building, character building, treasure hunt and also other challenging outbound packages such as paintball packages, rafting, offroad packages can all be combined with Family Gathering & Fun Outing activities. The locations we offer are outbound in Jakarta, Thousand Islands, Sukabumi, Bogor, Puncak, Anyer, Bandung and others in Indonesia. The training and programs that we provide are made with a professional system and are fully equipped with the latest studies and methodologies in the world of experiential learning (outbound training).

We design outbound activities that are refreshing, challenging as well as sharpening the abilities of the participants. So that participants become fresh, have more solid cooperation and are ready to face the challenges of work in order to achieve the company's optimal target. You can order outbound games that are tailored to the training needs of your company. Thus, the insights extracted will be in accordance with the objectives of the outbound training.

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