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Inbound Tour

The Inbound sector has made significant contribution to OneAsia Tours Indonesia in affirming it's brand on the Local Market, introducing to International travelers beautiful landscapes from the overseas and destination in Indonesia as well as cultural distinctions, leisure, traditions, habits, hospitality and friendliness of people.


Outbound Tour

Given rising demands for overseas traveling of local vacationers, OneAsia Tours Indonesia has organized tours to ASIA (Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, China Hongkong, Korea, Japan) and EUROPE (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Austria, Swiss, Spanyol, Monaco, Budapest, New York).


Holy Land Tour

Holy land is a trip dreamed by every Christian community and become a great hoping could follow pilgrimage to discover the truth in the land of God promised. OneAsia Tours Indonesia has organized holy land adventure tour lovingly with the route which is very famous and interesting places at every package tour and served with love.


Hotel, Ticket & Transport

With experiences in the tourism industry, OneAsia Tours Indonesia gives consultancy to customers, local and international enterprises and students so that they can choose the most suitable flights, carry out declaration procedures at border gates, book hotels, use pick-up services and enjoy sight-seeing trips.

Why Choose Us




Because we understanding customer demands for traveling and life experience.



Because we providing value chains of diversified, quality and all in travel products and services.



Because we maintaining active, friendly and professional staff associated with experience and reputation of the company.



Because we always sticking to commitments for customers.

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